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Owner | Floral Designer

“My journey with flowers started in 2015 when I went abroad to work on the superyachts in the Mediterranean. I found work as a stewardess and soon after appointed myself as the yacht’s (unofficial) head florist, a title that didn’t exist at the time! A light went on and I returned to South Africa a year later to work as an assistant florist in a well-known flower shop in my home town of Paarl. Two years later I started what is now my flower child, Anna Botany.
Being entrusted with such a vital role in a bride’s special day, a day they’ve carefully curated for years, is an incredible honour and an honour that we cherish on every occasion granted to us. At Anna Botany it is our mission to make your dream a reality.

Our ideal client is someone who comes to us with a clear idea of things they like, whether it be their grandma’s tapestry couch or a photo taken in Europe’s country side that gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. We are all about REAL. We love classic and elegant as much as we love wild and eclectic. There is no right and wrongs, there is only REAL."


Ten interesting facts about me:


  • I LOVE Champagne! It might or might not be the only alcohol I drink. ;)

  • I am a very colourful person. I admire simplicity and I love to do simplistic weddings as well as bold colourful weddings, however for now, my home and surroundings are filled with colour and texture.

  • I love collecting vintage pieces and trinkets.

  • Organized chaos is the motto of my life.

  • I am a traveller by heart. 

  • My favourite colour is NO SPECIFIC COLOUR – it changes every week.

  • My favourite movies are definitely MAMMA MIA 1 & 2 (there are so many crazy cool movies but these two have been watched far too many times, needless to say I cry every time).

  • I believe there is always a way to make something work – I really struggle to take no for an answer.

  • I have two ginger cats and a ginger man and I love ginger. . .

  • I pretty much have an insane obsession with fragranced candles. My house is filled with them and I can speak for hours about how amazing they make me feel but I will not keep you any longer.

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